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Workforce Readiness

Legal and Legislative Corner


According to global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray, & Christmas, Inc., 65% of companies plan to hold a 2018 holiday party, the lowest number since 2009. It’s the time of year many companies want to thank employees for their hard work or to simply say “Happy Holidays”. While knowing the motivation is important to proper planning, knowing the potential pitfalls and risks of holiday gatherings can be critical. In the age of #MeToo and the impact of a variety of questionable behaviors that can occur at social gatherings, proper planning and communication are key components to an uneventful event. Here are some valuable tips:

  • Remind employees all workplace policies remain in place whether on or off company premises (harassment, discrimination, dress code, COC, social media, workplace violence, drug, etc.)
  • Keep in mind employees are still within the course and scope of employment for worker’s compensation
  • Ensure supervisors lead by example, are able to identify instances of misconduct, and know ways to immediately address inappropriate behavior
  • Control the availability of alcoholic beverages by limiting access, properly timing access, incorporating food intermittently, offering non-alcoholic alternatives, or excluding alcohol altogether
  • Keep the event festive and not focused on religion or displaying of specific religious symbols associated with a particular faith so as not to offend or exclude
  • Communicate that attendance is voluntary or clearly define and set attendance expectations with the appropriate rationale and providing the necessary accommodations at all levels
  • Limit your guests to employees and if desired, designated family members to better control and monitor activities throughout theevent to help limit liability
  • Select designed employees to play key roles during the course of the event to monitor/facilitate activities
  • Examine potential company liability based on event specifics and possible legal exposure and protections
  • Follow-up and address any issues raised or complaints reported by attendees in a timely manner



NOTE: Regardless of the stage of your holiday celebration (planning, planned, held) complete your due diligence to ensure all aspects are covered or to help ensure a better plan next year.


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