Becoming a member of HRP of Central PA provides the opportunity to learn more about, and participate on the committees that drive our chapter. Committee Participation is a valuable tool to help you (and the Chapter) advance the value of our profession within your organization and within our community. Please consider which committee you may be interested in learning more about, and potentially volunteering to in some fashion. Don't forget, participation on a committee earns recertification credits, allows for additional networking opportunities with peers, and provides professional skills development.

Following your indication of interest below, you will be contacted by the Director of the specified committee. The purpose of this contact will be to provide you with information regarding the goals of the committee and an overview of ways you are able to positively impact those goals while meeting your needs at the same time.  

  Communications Committee
  Diversity Committee
  Legal and Legislative Committee
  Membership Committee
  Programs Committee
  Professional Development Committee
  Workforce Readiness
  Conference Committee